photo credit : Jerry Bauer

Hello :)

I'm Jim Zamerski. I was trained classically on the piano from age 5.  I can't remember a time that I wasn't in love with music. As a child, I spent hours bouncing off the walls, humming and singing every melody from The Nutcracker.  When I was 14 years old, I began playing guitar and drums.  I graduated from Kettering University with a bachelors in mechanical engineering.

When I sat down for the first time to look in to the digits of pi as music, it didn't take more than two minutes to see the first phrase.  When I figured out the note that brings the phrase to resolution, and played it through for the first time, it was an overwhelming moment.  You know how it feels to finish another person's thought?  That "thought" is eternal.


This scene from Amadeus also conveys many of my thoughts and feelings the night I discovered the melody. Some of the lines make sense with what pi actually is. I'm just Salieri, in awe of the Mozart of the Infinite, Ubiquitous, Eternal, Creation.

The parallel starts at 34 seconds into the clip, and the only line that doesn't fit is "as if he were just taking dictation".